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9 Б тест по мировой классике (Гамлет)

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Последняя устная тема к экзамену 8 кл

Food from around the world.


People cook not only out of necessity, but also for pleasure. It is both a science and art. Each country has its own traditions cooking is based on. There are so many different styles of cooking that there is no dominant style.


Early people didn’t know how to preserve (заготавливать) food. So they had to search for food every day. The simplest way to cook was to roast food or cook on hot stones. The next stage was to build ovens. People learned to boil food. The two main methods of cooking were boiling or steaming and baking.


In Ancient Greece and Rome most of the work was done by slaves (рабы) in those times. People used iron or clay pots (жестяные или глиняные горшки), pans and dishes. They started to use spoons and knives, although they preferred to eat with their hands.


Cooking in the East may be compared to that in Europe. In some ways the Chinese cook similar to the Italians – minimum of heat is required, dishes are cooked quickly, noodles are a big deal. Most food is fried. Instead of salt and pepper, the Chinese use soy sauce. Little meat is eaten – mostly seafood and vegetables. The basis of the meal is rice.

Japanese cooking has some similarities with Chinese cooking. They also eat a lot of rice, many foods are raw (сырой), most dishes use fish or seafood, and of course, each meal includes soy sauce.

Indian and Pakistani food is characterized by the use of plenty of spices. Rice accompanies dishes in India.

When talking about American food, we all think of McDonald’s, Burger King, Pizza Hut or Taco Bell. But not all food in the USA is junk food. Most American dishes come from different regions of the world and include such dishes as grand central oyster stew, tacos, clam chowder, pizza, etc. There six main cooking regions in the USA: New England, New York area, Deep South, Mid West, Tex Mex and West coast.

 In England you can try such dishes as boiled beef, Boston baked beans; you can also eat a lot of fish and seafood.

Most of Middle West is farmland, so the foods cooked are traditional rural foods – maize(кукуруза в початках), beef, pork, lettuce, tomatoes and potatoes, cheese. The dishes represent the countries the first immigrants came from – goulash (Hungary), coffee cake (Scandinavian countries), cheese (Swiss, English, Dutch). The biggest dishes are steak and ham.

West Coast is washed by the Pacific Ocean, so they eat a lot of fish and seafood there. The climate is warm and sunny, and plenty of fruit and vegetables are grown. Traditional foods are seafood, crabs, lobster and mussels (мидии), oranges, lemons, apples. There are vineyards all along the coast. The most famous dish is clam chowder (суп-пюре из морепродуктов) (a creamy soup with seafood). On the other hand, California is very close to Mexico, so this state offers different Mexican dishes to taste – guacamole (гуакамоуле (закуска из пюрированной мякоти авокадо), tacos (горячая свёрнутая маисовая лепёшка с начинкой из рубленого мяса, сыра, лука и бобов и острой подливой) and enchiladas (энчиладаблинчик с  острой мясной начинкой)

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